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Legacy walk continues to inspire

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2018 Fundraising Gala ~ Boots, Bows and Bowties

The Legacy Walk located at Poquoson High School continues to add pleasure and
trigger memories as students, teachers and staff members, graduates, families,
community members and others enter and exit the building. The walkway
was established in the spring of 2010 as a fundraiser for classroom grants and
scholarships. Over seven years later, bricks continue to be sold, and over $22,225
have been raised.  Click here to purchase a brick.
The work and generousity of many people made our 2018 gala a huge success.  Wearing western attire, participants were treated to a wonderful meal, gaming, raffles and two auctions.  As usual, our live auction provided the opportunity for lots of laughter and good-natured competition. Thanks to all for your support.  See photos here.

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